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Protect yourself from harmful UV rays and keep your car cool with XPEL window tint.

Add XPEL Window Tint to Reduce Sun Glare without Sacrificing Visibility

Our XPEL window car tint uses cutting edge technology to reduce the internal temperature of your vehicle without impacting your ability to see.

Do you have questions about how XPEL window tint works? View our FAQs and get the information you need.

Originally, window tinting meant using darker shades to keep your car cool. XPEL window tint is cutting edge technology that helps reduce your car’s temperatures without reducing driver and passenger visibility.

Blocking the majority of the sun’s heat-causing infrared radiation, XPEL tint provides superior SPF protection. Plus, it effectively blocks 99% of the harmful Ultraviolet rays that can cause skin damage like premature aging and cancer.

Because XPEL window tint doesn’t contain metalized particles like traditional tinting technology, it also does not interfere with cellular reception, radio waves or Bluetooth signals.

Our Protection Benefits Include:

  • Lifetime warranty on product and labor
  • Guaranteed not to bubble
  • Color stability promise, ensuring your color will never change or fade

Installation Options

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XPEL PRIME XR utilizes ceramic particles to filter out the sun’s infrared radiation — giving you the highest performance without sacrificing clarity of color. It also offers SPF 1,000 protection and effectively blocks over 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Additionally, the nano-ceramic particle technology causes no interruption to your radio, cell or Bluetooth signal.


XPEL PRIME CS car tint is available in black or a neutral charcoal color for a sophisticated finish. It provides SPF 500 protection and effectively blocks 99% of harmful UV Rays. There are no metallicized particles in the film, meaning it won’t interrupt your cell reception. Plus, it helps block solar rays, keeping your car cooler and improving your fuel efficiency.

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