Clear Paint Protection Installation FAQs

Get the facts about professional installation near Seattle and why you should choose Benchmark Auto Salon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Paint Protection

Do you have questions about what clear paint protection is and why we strongly recommend it for all vehicles? Below we’ve outlined the most common questions our Lynnwood shop gets.

If you have any additional questions or would like to book an appointment please call us at (425) 835-0917 or contact our office.

Why is clear paint protection film important for my car?

Clear paint protection film (aka clear bra) protects your vehicle's paint from rock chips, road debris, and minor parking lot incidents. The product is self-healing. This means minor scratches, like those created by a wire brush, will disappear when heat is applied.

How long will my clear paint protection last?

All of our clear bra installs come with a 10-year warranty covering materials and labor.

What is the difference between paint coatings and clear paint protection film?

Paint coatings are a ceramic based coating. They are measured in microns of thickness and are not generally visible to the naked eye. Paint coatings act as a sacrificial layer to protect your vehicle's paint from minor environmental impacts, such as bird droppings, tree sap and dead bugs. Paint coatings cover the entire exterior of the vehicle and make your vehicle very easy to clean and maintain.

Clear paint protection film is approximately 8 mils thick. It acts as a very strong barrier to protect your paint against rock chips, road debris, and minor parking lot incidents. Clear paint protection film is most commonly installed on the front of the vehicle, but can be installed on the entire exterior of the vehicle for maximum protection.

Will clear paint protection improve the resale value of my car? Is clear paint protection worth it?

Clear bar keeps your factory paint protected from rock chips, which can definitely help improve the resale value of your vehicle. Painting even just a couple panels of your vehicle can cost thousands of dollars, making the initial investment in clear paint protection absolutely worth it.

Why is Benchmark Auto Salon the best company near me to get clear paint protection for my car?

We strive to make every clear bra install as invisible as possible. And, we won't settle for anything but the best! Why? Because we take pride in our work and that leads to great results.

Before we even begin applying your clear paint protection film, our team takes the necessary time to prep your car. This requires getting your paint as clean as possible – an essential step to ensuring your film looks great and performs even better. Don't just take our word for it. See what our customers say.

Will the paint protection really protect my car from rock chips and debris while I drive?

Yes. Clear paint protection is the best option available to protect your vehicle's paint from rock chips and road debris.

Is clear paint protection the same as a clear bra?

Clear paint protection film is often shortened to PPF or clear bra. All three terms are interchangeable and mean the same thing.

Do I need to wash or wax my car differently after I have clear paint protection installed?

Nope! You should treat your clear bra exactly as you would the paint on your vehicle. With regular hand washing and a good coat of wax, the clear paint protection film will perform properly and look great for a long time.

How do I schedule my car for clear paint protection installation? How long will it take?

Please call us at (425) 835-0917 or contact our office schedule an appointment. Our Partial Coverage Nose Kit takes approximately one business day, while our Full Coverage Nose Kit takes two business days to complete.

How much does it cost to get a clear bra on my car?

To get a quote specific for your vehicle please call us at (425) 835-0917 or contact our office.

What is the difference between gloss and matte paint protection film?

Gloss film is used for nearly all installations. Occasionally vehicles will have accent panels that have a matte or satin finish. In these cases we would apply matte PPF so that the factory appearance is not changed. Matte clear paint protection film can be used to give your vehicle a completely different look! When all panels are wrapped with matte PPF you can take your vehicle from a normal glossy look to a matte finish.

What Our Customers Say:

Trusted Clear Bra Installation

Benchmark Auto Salon installed clear paint protection film on the bumper, hood, fenders and rocker panels and 22PLE on the all surfaces of my 2015 Mustang GT and I am completely happy with the look of the car. What I care about is how the finished product looks, and to me it looks amazing.

John K.

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