Ceramic Coating, PPF, & Car Tint Services for Bellevue Area Residents

Our Lynnwood shop is located roughly 30 minutes from downtown Bellevue. We specialize in exterior paint protection and window protection.

Expert Vehicle Protection Since 2011

Family-owned and operated, we’ve offered Bellevue residents expert vehicle paint and window protection for more than 12 years. It’s our privilege to provide the highest-quality service and products from our shop in Lynnwood.

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Clear Paint Protection, Paint Coating & Window Tint in Lynnwood

Popular Installs Start at $285

We’re car enthusiasts and we specialize in clear paint protection, paint coatings, and window tint.

From clear paint protection to window tint, we are passionate about doing the work perfectly. We have an extensive training program and never overbook to ensure your car gets the attention it deserves. Our products are rigorously tested, and we pay meticulous attention to detail.

This team has great attention to detail and takes a lot of pride in getting the job done right the first time.

— Matt W. (via Facebook)
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Are You in Bellevue and Searching for “Clear Paint Protection Near Me”?

When you’re searching for ‘clear paint protection near me’ in Bellevue, it can be hard to know which auto detail shop to choose. That’s why we founded Benchmark Auto Salon more than 12 years ago. We wanted the best possible products and services for our cars.

We’ve developed each of our services through research and testing. When you bring your car to our Lynnwood shop, our highly skilled team is dedicated to ensuring your vehicle looks as good — or better — than the day you bought it.

Plus, we're right next-door in Lynnwood.

Fantastic work on everything they touch.
— Jeffrey W. (via Facebook)
If you want the best, go to Benchmark Auto Salon. They keep my Camaro in mint condition.
— Marci D. (via Facebook)

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Each of our in-house technicians receives comprehensive training to ensure the highest quality service. We have a strict policy of never overbooking. Additionally, we perform rigorous research and testing of all products and services on our own vehicles before we offer them. When you bring your vehicle to our Lynnwood shop, it retains or surpasses its original appearance.

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XPEL Ceramic Window Tint Installation

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XPEL window tint shields both you and your vehicle's interior from damaging UV rays. Furthermore, it aids in maintaining a cooler interior more effectively.

Plus, we don't leave ugly gaps at the edges of your windows.

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Ceramic Coatings

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Regardless of whether your car serves as a daily commuter or is reserved for leisurely Sunday drives, preserving its appearance enhances its aesthetic appeal and contributes to maintaining its value.

Our range of ceramic paint coatings establishes a semi-permanent protective layer, enhancing your vehicle's shine and radiance with each application.

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Paintless-Dent Repair, Color Sanding, & More

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Similar to any cherished possession, your car may require additional care from time to time. Our customized packages, ranging from paint correction to headlight restoration, are designed to rejuvenate and restore your car's aesthetic allure.

Getting to Benchmark Auto Salon from Bellevue

We're just a few minutes from I-5 and exit 181B.

Benchmark Auto Salon is just three minutes east of I-5 exit 181B for Alderwood Pkwy. The most direct route to our Lynnwood shop from Bellevue is 405 to I-5.

Depending on your car’s needs, we may be able to offer a loaner car to make your appointment as convenient as possible. If you have questions about a loaner car, please contact our office.

Our shop is easily accessible near the intersection of 405 & I-5.
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Common FAQs

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If You're Like Us, You Want Nothing But The Best For Your Car.

That's why we take great care in protecting your vehicle.

Our PPF installation method ensures that every panel is fully wrapped, leaving no room for rock chips to damage your car. Our ceramic window tint application goes above and beyond to ensure that there are no unsightly gaps. We over-apply it and then shave it down to the edge of the windows.

Trust us, your car will look its absolute best.