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Combat Summer Heat with XPEL Window Tint

Reduce heat in your vehicle by as much at 80% this summer with XPEL window tint to keep you and your loved ones cool and safe.

window tint on a sunny day

Our Pacific Northwest summers are the best in the county. They are much cooler than regions like Arizona or New Mexico and possibly have as much sun. July and August, especially, are our golden months, with the lowest chance of rain in the whole year.

But whether it's 76 or 102 degrees, your car's interior temperature will quickly increase 20-40 degrees more. The patented technology of XPEL window tint blocks the vast majority of heat-causing radiation, keeping your vehicle's interior more comfortable.

Why Do I Need Window Tint in Seattle?

The nonprofit climate research group Climate Central released an analysis of ‘Urban Heat Hot Spots’ in July of 2023. This in depth analysis looked at surface heat absorption, tree cover, and other factors that affect heat within 44 U.S. cities. 

It uncovered that more than half of Seattle’s residents live on what has been dubbed ‘urban heat islands’ — areas that can be at least 8 degrees warmer than surrounding areas. Whether you live in these heat islands or visit them, this increased temperature can further cause the internal temp within your car to skyrocket. 

Summer Window Tinting Benefits

1. Skin Cancer Prevention

XPEL window tint is the number one recommended window tint by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Thanks to the nano-ceramic technology, it blocks 99.9 percent of the harmful UV radiation that can be absorbed while driving your car. 

2. Improved Comfort with Heat Rejection

Scorching summer days can turn a vehicle’s interior into a hotbox that can range from uncomfortable to downright dangerous. The superior heat rejection provided by XPEL window tint can reduce the heat absorbed through your windows, keeping your vehicle cooler and your seats less scalding hot.

3. Better Gas Mileage

During the summer, Consumer Reports estimates that running the air conditioning can result in a loss of one to four MPG. Ceramic window tinting’s ability to reject heat can reduce the need for air conditioning, helping you save at the pump.

4. Improved Privacy and Security

Whether you’re parked in a crowded parking lot or driving on a crowded highway, window tint can keep prying eyes at bay. 

5. Glare Reduction

Sun glare and headlight glare can make it extremely difficult to drive and lead to potential safety issues. XPEL window tint significantly reduces glare, helping you maintain clear visibility. 

6. Customizable Options

Your vehicle is a very personal space. It’s natural to want it to look a certain way. XPEL window tint comes in a wide range of tint shades and levels, so that you can customize the level and color of your tint to meet your needs. 

7. Durability and Warranty

Known for its durability and longevity, XPEL’s window tint is scratch-resistant to help maintain a polished finish. Additionally, XPEL provides a comprehensive warranty, giving you added confidence in your investment.

8. Professional Installation

In order to maintain XPEL’s warranty, they require the window tint is professionally installed by a certified XPEL dealer. As a certified dealer, we can personally attest to the importance of properly prepping a vehicle and applying film to ensure a high-quality finished product. 

9. Preserving Your Interior

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause fabric and leather to fade and crack. Window tint helps preserve the interior of your vehicle by reducing fading and cracking.

Seattle XPEL Window Tint Installation Service

As summer heats up, you’ll experience more and more benefits from having your windows tinted. As one of the premier XPEL certified window tint installers in the area, our Lynnwood shop is busy helping vehicle owners get ready to beat the heat. Schedule your service today so we can get your car in tip top shape!