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Why Choose XPEL Window Tint?

XPEL window tint is the best window tint on the market. It offers an unprecedented combination of UV protection, heat resistance, and crystal clear signal.

Window Tint on a FORD

XPEL window tint is one of our most requested services, and with good reason. In fact, seven good reasons. (See what we did there.) Discover the top seven benefits of XPEL tint.

7 Benefits of XPEL Window Tint

1. Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation

XPEL’s nano ceramic window tint blocks 99.9 percent of UV radiation, helping to prevent life-threatening diseases like cancer. It is so effective at reducing UV rays that the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends XPEL tint.

2. Helps Control Vehicle’s Temperature (especially in high heat)

Thanks to the proprietary blend of ceramic particles in XPEL’s window tint, the tint acts as a barrier against heat. This helps keep the interior temperature of a vehicle from skyrocketing in extreme heat. 

3. Clear Signals

One of the downfalls of most window tint is that it interferes with radio, cellular, and Bluetooth signals. Ceramic window tint does not, allowing you to maintain a crystal clear signal. 

4. See Clearly

Traditionally, installing a darker shade of tint to keep a car’s interior cooler meant sacrificing visibility, especially when driving at night. The patented film created by XPEL has no impact on outbound visibility, allowing you to maintain clear visual sight lines. 

5. Lifetime Warranty on Product and Labor

At Benchmark Auto Salon, any XPEL product installed by our professional installation team comes with a lifetime warranty on all products and labor. 

6. Guaranteed Not to Bubble

Our window tint installers meticulously prep each window for installation in our sterile shop. We take great care in measuring and cutting your tint and then applying it so it won’t bubble. We believe in our process so much that we guarantee it won’t bubble. 

7. Color Stability Promise

We use XPEL window tint because it’s the best product on the market. The color does not fade or change. It looks as good 5 years after it’s been installed as the day you pick your car back up. 

XPEL Window Tint Common FAQs

Which is better — 3M or XPEL?

XPEL and 3M are two separate companies that both sell vehicle window tint. We carry XPEL window tint because we believe it’s the best on the market and outperforms 3M products. While reviews vary, some report that 3M tint is more reflective and less natural looking than XPEL. 

What’s the Best Time of Year to Get Window Tint Installed?

At a minimum, window tint should be installed in a dry environment. The best window tint installation process also includes installing window tint in a sterile environment. Benchmark Auto Salon window tint can be installed properly all year round, thanks to our sterile and clean shop.

Is XPEL Window Tint Really Necessary in the PNW?

Undoubtedly, XPEL window tint is necessary in the Pacific Northwest. While we don’t get the same number of days with extreme heat and sunshine, like desert locations (think Arizona and Palm Springs), we undoubtedly are exposed to harmful UV rays and have had intense heat waves. Additionally, the increased strength that XPEL tint provides your windows makes them more crack-resistant when they are hit with small rocks and debris.

Do I Need to Tint My Whole Car?

Generally speaking, we recommend tinting all the windows in your vehicle equally, with the exception of your windshield. This offers a streamlined and classy look for your vehicle.

Some of My Windows Are Tinted. Can You Tint the Rest?

It’s not uncommon to buy a car with a mix of tinted windows and untinted windows. Generally, the untinted windows are located by the driver and front passenger seats. If you purchase a car with a mix of tinted windows, we can color-match the tint to create a consistent look.