À la Carte Vehicle Services — Color Sanding & More

Why protect your vehicle halfway? Keep your vehicle looking its best. We offer helpful additional services to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, including paint correction, color sanding, and more.

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All pricing is estimated and based on vehicles with normal wear and tear.

Paint Correction

$75/hr All Vehicles

Paint Correction - illustrated

Our paint correction is more of an art than a service. It removes all but the heaviest of scratches and defects from your vehicle’s exterior, significantly improving its finish.

The transformation is breathtaking.

If needed, the process starts with wet sanding the clear coat. It then moves on to using coarse polishing compounds, gradually stepping down to the finishing stage, leaving your vehicle’s paint with beautiful clarity, depth, and gloss.

The condition of the paint will dictate the level of correction. Typically this process removes 95% of defects. After the process, we highly recommend applying a fresh ceramic coating to lock in the beautifully restored finish. Stop by for a free estimate or learn more about our ceramic coating offerings.

Color Sanding

$95/hr All Vehicles

Color Sanding - illustrated

Battle wounds happen, but those scratches on your vehicle don’t have to stick around permanently. During our Color Sanding service, we will spot sand and polish scratches and scuffs. This process can save you hundreds of dollars on costly repairs from a collision repair facility.

Color Sanding requires a minimum of 1 hour. Stop by for a free estimate.

Overspray Removal

$75/hr All Vehicles

Overspray Removal - illustrated

We can remove road paint, epoxy, industrial strength primer, house paint etc from your vehicle. Minimum of 2 hours. Stop by for a free estimate.

Aquapel Glass Treatment

$24.95 Most Vehicles

Glass Treatment - illustrated

This unique glass treatment remarkably improves your visibility while driving in the rain, snow, and sleet by literally repelling them from your windshield.

Additionally, it makes it easier to remove ice, bugs, and dirt.

This treatment lasts for months — six times longer than other leading glass treatments.

Stop by for a free estimate.

Paintless Dent Repair

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Dent Repair - illustrated

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the process of removing door dings, creases, and minor dents from your vehicle. Massaging the damaged metal back to its original shape without Bondo or repainting requires special tools and a highly skilled artisan. The beauty of PDR is that it allows your vehicle to retain its factory finish, preserving its appearance and value.

It’s not only the most preferred method for repairing annoying dents and dings; it’s the most affordable one.

Our PDR is most effective if the paint in the affected area is not cracked or broken and the damage is not on the edge of a panel.

Stop by for a free estimate.

Headlight Restoration

$125 Most Vehicles

Restoration - illustrated

Replacing headlights can be expensive; luckily, you won't need to replace them just because they're dull. Let us handle your headlights, and we will restore complete clarity to the lenses.

Using a combination of sanding and polishing, we will get your vehicle's headlights looking better than the day you bought your car.

We highly recommend installing XPEL Ultimate Plus Clear Paint Protection film on your freshly restored headlights. The film will help to prevent the lenses from turning yellow and dull.

$75 Upgrade your headlights with a Suntek application for an additional $75.

Stop by for a free estimate.

Better Than The Day I Bought It

Thanks again, Mike, for making my car look even better than the day I bought it! Don't know how you do it, but you do it every time!

— Marci D.
Such a Great Job

I just want to say thanks to Mike and Katie for for doing such a great job, I have been detailing my cars for years and I thought I was pretty good. Then I took my car to Benchmark Auto Salon and they showed me how a pro does it. They showed me some tips on how to maintain my paint ,that were very helpful.

— Dan M.

We Care for Your Vehicle Like Our Own

Located just north of Seattle, our family-owned and operated business has focused on providing you with the best paint protection film possible since 2011.

We are car enthusiasts. We care for your vehicle like it is our own. And we ensure your car is meticulously looked after by never overbooking. Our staff is trained on-site, guaranteeing your car always receives expert attention.

Let's Protect the Aesthetics of Your Vechicle

We offer expert Window Tint, PPF, and Ceramic Coating Services Tailored to Your Needs.

Rely on Our Expert PPF Application

At Benchmark Auto Salon, our skilled team specializes in precise PPF application within a controlled, hygienic setting. Our meticulous attention to cleanliness guarantees that no dust interferes with the flawless application of the film.

Don’t let the Seattle road grime ruin your car. Our Lynnwood shop is conveniently located just off I-5, making it easy to have your vehicle cared for by experts.

Get Maximum Protection for Your Vehicle's Exterior

We carefully wrap each vehicle panel entirely, guaranteeing no edges are left vulnerable to rock chips or road grime. This meticulous approach also eradicates any visible lines along the panels, ensuring a seamless finish.

This is just one of the numerous advantages you'll experience when you opt for Benchmark.

Seamlessly Installed Window Tint

Our XPEL window tint is purposely measured and cut longer than the window's length, then file and shave it down, leaving no gaps along the edges. This ensures a flawless, seamless look, whether your windows are open or closed.

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