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What’s the Best Clear Paint Protection Film?

XPEL is the best clear paint protection film available thanks to its patented self-healing properties and impressive lifespan.

XPEL Clear Paint Protection Film on a car

One of the biggest investments most folks make is their car. And when you sink that kind of cash into something, you want to keep it safe and looking plush. Clear paint protection film (PPF) is a frontline defense against the elements that can help preserve the appearance and functionality of your vehicle’s paint. 

What is Clear Paint Protection Film?

Clear Paint Protection Film is an ultra-thin polyurethane that — when installed properly by a certified XPEL PPF installer — bonds with your car’s painted surface. Forming a transparent proactive layer, the skin protects your vehicle.

How Does PPF Protect My Car From?

The paint on a car is about more than just looks. It is a protective layer to reduce the chance of road damage, reducing the chance of rust and corrosion. When you install PPF, you add an extra layer of protection to your paint. XPEL clear paint protection film helps prevent: 

  • Water Deposits
  • Acid Rain
  • Oxidation
  • Minor Scratches 
  • Fading from UV Rays

What Does PPF Not Protect My Car From?

There is often confusion over what paint protection film does and does not do. While XPEL tint is the best first layer of protection, it is not an effective defense against dents from larger impacts. If you want to protect your car from larger impacts, we recommend combining PPF with a ceramic paint coating

Clear Paint Protection Film Product Comparison

You may have heard of 3M clear paint protection film. It is OG film and dates back to WWII. But there are a handful of manufacturers offering paint protection films. Below we’ve outlined the five most common PPF film products and their benefits:


XPEL ULTIMATE is the best clear paint protection film on the market (in our humble opinion). The patented technology is self-healing, meaning minor scratches, stone chips, and scuffs will fade over time. Plus, when installed by a certified XPEL dealer, it comes with a 10-year warranty against peeling, yellowing, and bubbling. Furthermore, a ceramic coating can be applied XPEL ULTIMATE. This dynamic product duo offers the highest level of protection. 


One of the newest paint protection films on the market, STEK has been gaining popularity thanks to its self-healing properties, clarity, and hydrophobic ability to repel water. While it doesn’t offer as much customization as XPEL (such as the XPEL's Stealth series’ matte finish), it has been shown to provide a higher level of protection than some of the lower-end paint protection films shown below.


SUNTEK film has a glossy finish that some individuals prefer. But keep in mind, the film is much thinner than XPEL, providing less protection. Furthermore, it does not have XPEL’s self-healing properties. 


VViViD Clear is a very unique product that can be perfectly contoured to the shape of a vehicle. It’s extremely easy to apply, requiring no stretching or a heat gun. 


This old school product has been around for ages. White it does offer a layer of protection, it’s important to note that it’s nowhere near as comprehensive as XPEL. 


The film produced by Llumar is water repellent. While it does have some self-healing capabilities and a warranty period, they pale in comparison to XPEL. 

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